Five things you didn't know you could do in Chicago

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Exploring is a part of every trip. Old Chinese saying states "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". In Cloud9 we believe that every step one makes is an experience on its own.

Chicago offers a vast amount of opportunities and activities. Today we are exploring a handful of them.

Room Escape Adventures in Downtown, Chicago

Escape rooms were always my favourite time-killers. With a bunch of friends you are guaranteed to have great memories and tons of fun. Even if you never tried such a thing, it’s definitely worth considering. Here’s just one example of them:


Chicago’s Skydeck

Have you heard about Chicago’s famous Skydeck? I, when I first came here, didn’t. I wish I did earlier though as I don’t like missing out on a great view.


Mass Transportation

For just a few dollars you can get yourself an unlimited pass which will take you to the most remote corners of Greater Chicago Area and will let you explore the city in your own pace. Speaking of pace, Pace is a major bus company in Chicago. Schedules are available online and bus stops. Along with Pace, CTA runs trains around the city which are very convenient and reach into far corners of the area. There’s also Metra and Amtrak trains which connect Chicago with other cities (you can also reach Canada from one of the Amtrak stations if you please).

CTA Chicago train

Art Institute of Chicago

As we discussed CTA and transportation, to green line Adams/Wabash station within walking distance you can find Art Institute.

Art Institute of Chicago


Chinatown is a must when visiting Chicago. Easily reachable with CTA trains also. Experience food, culture and many attractions which feel different from what Chicago serves normally.

Chinatown Chicago Newspaper Box