“I stayed in a Cirro suite...wow. just wow.”

I didn't really know what the differences between the levels were like, so I just booked a Cirro because it looked nice. I had no idea this meant white linens, slippers, and flatscreens in the bedrooms. I travel a lot for work and want Cloud 9 in every city.

— James T., Florida

“My mother kept thinking I'd moved!”

I stayed in the Cosmo suite in the west loop, and I liked the photos because it looked like how I would decorate my own apartment. I facetimed my mother while I was there, and she kept asking me if I moved to a new apartment because it looked so much like my style!

— Katelyn W., Arizona


“Really great location, amazing restaurants!”

I'm a huge foodie, so i tend to pick places based on local flavors. I stayed in an alto suite in Pilsen and could not have been more pleased. the area is filled with really unique, authentic restaurants that didn't break the bank. have to come back and try more! 

— Tim K, Wisconsin

“...great team, really helpful people...”

I’ve stayed in a few airbnb's before, but this was my first time with Cloud 9. I can't get over their great team, really helpful people who were available whenever I needed them.  

— Marisol L, Indiana


“So close to the convention center, I couldn't believe it...”

A few members of our company were attending a convention, and our team booked us a hotel room several blocks away. we decided to look closer and found cloud 9 suites on Michigan ave. we were so close to the convention center, i couldn't believe it. we walked everywhere and saved a fortune on transport. everyone else had to uber everywhere. 

— Liam A, Missouri

“I thought the Stratus suite would be ordinary - it was impeccable!”

I read about the different levels and booked a stratus thinking i wouldn't be in it much. It blew me away with how clean, comfortable, and stylish it was. it makes me wonder what the other levels are like if this is the bar they're setting! 

— Stephanie M, Kansas


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